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Careers in Bodywork


Opportunities for well-trained therapists exist in a variety of settings, including: 

  • Professional massage and bodywork clinics 

  • Private bodywork practice and clinics

  • Chiropractic clinics

  • Acupuncture clinics

  • Hospitals and medical clinics

  • Community wellness programs and centers

  • Fitness centers

  • Retirement homes and care facilities

  • Day spas, resorts, and vacation destinations 

  • In-home practice

Because of the continued growth in the demand for massage services, job openings for massage and bodywork therapists will continue to grow. Bodywork is also an excellent second career choice and a creative way to earn income during retirement years. Bodywork regulations do vary from state to state. Students who plan to practice outside of Minnesota are encouraged to contact the Department of Regulation and Licensing, Department of Health, or Secretary of State of the appropriate state for the regulations that govern massage therapy, or go to State Regulations | AMTA ( 

Currently, massage therapy is not regulated in Minnesota, although ordinances at the municipal or city level do exist. Inquiries should be directed to the City Clerk of the appropriate municipality for specific requirements on local licensing. 

In addition, the Minnesota Department of Health’s Office of Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners requires every unlicensed alternative health care provider to follow specific procedures with their clients. These regulations 
are discussed within the professional training programs at Camp Pebble.

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