Pressure Point Massage


Students are graded on a letter grade system. 

Grading Scale Grade Points 
90% - 100%            A      
80% - 89%              B     
70% - 79%              C     
Below 70%             F     
No credit                NC     

  • All exams, quizzes, homework, practice sessions, and projects will be graded according to the criteria provided in the syllabus for each course. 

  • Course requirements must be completed by the last scheduled class day in order to receive a passing grade. 

  • Attendance and class participation are among the factors used for grading in many courses.     

  • A cumulative average of 70% must be achieved to successfully complete a course. A minimum obtained on all practical exams. Final letter grades will be determined according to specific formulas outlined on the course syllabus. 

  • Incomplete grades are granted only for extenuating circumstances. If a student needs additional time to 
    complete a course, they are to contact the instructor and the Student Services Manager prior to the end of course. Documentation of the circumstance must be provided. A student has one week from the last day of class to complete all course work. After one week, the Incomplete becomes an F/Fail and the student must repeat the failed course. In the case of a documented medical emergency, the student receives an IMed (a medical incomplete) and the completion of the course will be scheduled through the Student Services Manager. All incomplete courses are calculated as a failed course, which negatively affects the student’s Completion Rate (quantitative measure of SAP). Once the course is completed, a Change of Grade is submitted, and the SAP will be recalculated (See Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress). 

  • A student who fails to pass the clinic portion will be required to retake the course and must complete all required client sessions for the entire course. The cost for repeating the course is the current tuition rate. 

  • A student who withdraws from a course after the Drop/Add Period but before the end of the sixth week will receive a “W” for the course. The student will not receive any refund for the dropped course and will pay the retake fee (the current course tuition) to re-register for the course.