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Why buy Camp Pebble Spa Boxes?

Well there are many reasons, but one reason is our dedication to bringing you quality brands in our online store and our hand curated spa boxes. Many of these brands give back to the earth and community in a variety of ways. Many, like Camp Pebble, are woman owned and operated. Here are a few examples!

Pebble Spa Company

  • Hand-made in small batches in Ely, Minnesota

  • Made with only the finest ingredients

  • Products sold separately and in Spa Boxes

Current Products:

Neck Wrap all natural made with jasmine rice, cloves, and cinnamon chips

Massage Oil & Body Brush Bath Soaks three different varieties of Epsom salts, herbs, and spices

Candles 100% soy wood-wick candle with essential oils

FarmHouse Fresh®

  • Each product ranges from 93%-100% natural farm fresh ingredients

  • Paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan

  • Certified woman-owned business with nearly 98% of products made in Texas

Products found in

Kiddo Spa Box

Mini-Facial Box

Mini-Pedi Box

Facial Box


  • Premium specialty teas

  • Hand picked in wild meadows and forests in Northern Europe

  • Mother-daughter owned business

Found in

Pick-Me-Up Box

Zen Bath Box

Monthly Box of Joy

Good + Well Supply Co.

  • All products are vegan, eco-friendly, recyclable, ethically sourced + produced. Petroleum free. GMO free. Lead free. Phthalate free.

  • All natural soy candle handcrafted to impart the scents of the wild and pristine lands of America's National Parks

  • Woman owned business, made in small batches in Seattle, WA

Found in

Cozy Cabin Box

Monthly Aromatherapy Box

Dirt Bag® Beauty face masks

  • All natural, organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free

  • Packaging made of biodegradable rice paper means it won't pollute landfills or oceans

  • Woman owned business

  • A portion of their proceeds are donated to domestic violence shelters in California

Watch their story here.

Found in

Monthly Aaahh Box

Spa Party for Four

Teen Spa Box

Monthly Challenge award boxes

Raaka Chocolate

  • Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free

  • Every bar made from scratch with unroasted cacao beans

  • Ethically sourced through direct trade, the origin of cacao beans is named on the back of each bar

Found in

Pick-Me-Up Box

Spa Party for Four (mini chocolates)

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