Does your body need a massage?

Updated: May 21

Take a moment to stop and check in with your body.

Are you sitting at a desk or curled up on your couch? Are you waiting for a meeting or relaxing after work?

Now stop and observe how you feel in this moment.

Is your breathing shallow or rapid? Are your shoulders and neck tight or does your lower back hurt?

The first step to working with the body is actually becoming aware and noticing your body and what it is trying to tell you. Sometimes we don't know what it's trying to say. That's when we turn to people that can help us learn and work with the body.

Here is a brief look at some different Western approaches.

Swedish Massage: soft tissue massage has been used for thousands of years to relieve tension. This is the most common style that you will see at a spa and is great for full body relaxation and tension relief.

Hot Stone Massage: the heat can help go that extra step to help ease muscle pain and tension.

Sports Massage: more targeted and often deeper massage than classic Swedish. The technique will vary depending on whether the massage is before or after an athletic event.

Trigger Point Therapy: precise treatment for acute and chronic pain in the head, neck, and back. Trigger points can form early and are usually hard lumps that hurt when pressed.

Craniosacral Therapy: using gentle compression, therapists realign the skull bones and stretch the underlying membrane. In addition to freeing stress, this method has relieved eye pain, head aches, fatigue, neck and back pain and more.

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