This month I completed tasks of Gratitude for the Camp Pebble 6-month Wellness Challenge. It was fun to see the ripple effect of kindness throughout my life. Maybe I just noticed them more, but the kindness really did seem to spread farther than normal this month. I saw co-workers going above and beyond to help each other out and do nice things for one another. Wendy from The Pebble Spa Company bought all her employees a flat of strawberries! My husband and I both received random gifts in the mail we weren’t expecting. An old friend reached out to me to reconnect. I even went into a coffee shop and saw change tucked in all the nooks of the walls! I could go on and on but I’ll stop here and leave you with this list of ideas for ways to pay if forward in your life.

15 Ways to Pay it Forward

  1. Send a hand written letter to a friend or relative

  2. Leave $5 for the person behind you in the drive-through

  3. Buy a gift from a friend’s local business

  4. Leave a box of cookies on a neighbors doorstep

  5. Take a walk and pick up an trash you see

  6. Pick up a shift for a coworker so they can have a day to themselves

  7. Send a text to a friend you’ve been thinking about

  8. Make a small donation to a nonprofit you believe in

  9. Leave a review for a business you love

  10. Tell someone you notice them and appreciate who they are

  11. Mail a small anonymous gift to a friend

  12. Find some old towels around your house to donate to an animal shelter

  13. Write a thank you note to you letter carrier, garbage truck driver, etc.

  14. Pick up your friends kids for the afternoon, give their parents a break for a few hours

  15. Leave a quarter in a shopping cart at Aldi

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