Easy Self-Care Ideas

Updated: Apr 15

Now that our Wellness Challenge is well underway and I am reading feedback and reflecting on my own experience participating, I can't help but notice patterns. For those of you who aren't familiar with our 6-month wellness challenge, each month has a different theme and you are challenged with completing three tasks. The themes in order are: Home, Peace, Self-Love, Gratitude, Health, and Movement. I am noticing that people comment on how easy it is to be kind and compassionate to others, but often have a hard time giving themselves that same loving kindness.

It's easy to be hard on ourselves and get caught in the mental loop of things we should be or should be doing. We take care of the kids, our parents, spouses, animals, home, land, work, etc., and then at the end of all of this long list is ourselves. The truth is, without taking care of yourself first, you can't possibly take care of others.

When I think about self-care and self-love I think about big and small acts. Small acts of self-care could be something as small as committing to drink one cup of water before drinking a cup of coffee, or something as big as changing your career because it is making you physically sick. Why is it easier to justify baking cookies for your neighbor, then it is to take 20 extra minutes of alone time in the bathroom to pamper yourself?

Here are some ways easy ways to boost your self-care routine!

  • Give yourself a facial -- Restore moisture and glow to your face

  • Meditate for 15 minutes -- Download an app to help you if needed

  • Take a bath -- For extra Zen, try our bath box and some relaxing music

  • Get outside -- Fresh air calms our nervous system and helps relieve stress

  • Move your body -- Do whatever feels good for you whether it's dance to your favorite song or go for a long run

  • Make your favorite meal -- There's nothing that soothes the soul quite like a home cooked meal. Extra points if it's a family recipe AND healthy!

  • Call an old friend to chat -- Our lives can leave us feeling disconnected from those we love most. Calling someone you love is great for your mental health

  • Above all, drink water!

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