Summer Skin

Every season brings an opportunity for our health and wellbeing. One of the wonderful opportunities of summer is skin exposure. The heat of the sun, the cold water of the lake. And then there are the not so nice feelings of skin exposure.... Mosquito bites, sun burn, dry skin, etc. There is a lot going on and our skin needs some extra attention and care. Here are a few tips for taking care of your skin this summer.

Moisturize Your Whole Body

Now is a great time to moisturize your arms and legs since you're probably wearing shorts and t-shirts more often. One of the best times to apply lotion or body butter is after a shower, but there is never a wrong time. Keep a jar of the Pine Body Butter next to your bed and spend a few minutes before bed massaging into your skin.

Take Care of Your Feet

Whether you like to go barefoot or wear sandals, you're feet take an extra beating from the elements during the summer. Give your feet a quick soak with some bath salts before bed. You can do this easily by sticking your feet over the side of the bathtub or going the extra mile to have the ultimate home spa experience with a metal foot basin. After soaking, massage feet with lotion and put on a light pair of cotton socks.

Save the Body Brush for Winter

While the sun feels great on our bodies, we often see people come into the spa seeking a body brush treatment to help peeling skin after too much sun exposure. Although body brushing is a useful tool, brushing peeling skin will only further damage your skin. Instead, drink lots of water, take a warm bath, and moisturize!

Don't Scratch!

Didn't your mother always tell you, "Don't scratch!" Well, she's right. Scratching only makes the itch worse, prolongs your healing time, and can lead to infections and scars. Instead, take a bath or apply a cool towel to your skin and apply some itch cream between. There are many essential oils that can help soothe your skin, try a drop of lavender or peppermint!

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