Want your home to smell like the spa?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a scent is worth a thousand pictures.” - Joel Bellenson

Our sense of smell may be the most overlooked of our five senses. It's power is undeniable - just ask the skunk!

Many customers come into The Pebble Spa Company and say "Ohh my, what's that smell? It smells wonderful!" or something along those lines. A new study found that the brain can detect over 1 trillion scents. One Trillion. That is amazing! But what is that fantastically distinct scent that relaxes your mind and lingers on your clothes? Well I'm not exactly sure, because the truth is that it isn't just one scent. It's a blend of fragrances and cleanliness.

We spend a significant amount of time inside our homes. There a about a zillion different types of cleaners, air fresheners, perfumes, etc. The problem is that many of those products usually only cover up the "bad" scent with a "better" scent and some of them can be more harmful than helpful. Here are four simple ways to get your home smelling more like that classic Pebble scent!

Dust. Everyday. - dusting is a big chore, every big chore is made easier by breaking it up into smaller, doable tasks. Make a habit of dusting one area of your home everyday. Set a date on your calendar to clean those tough to get to spots. Need more convincing? Dust is made up of about 50% dead skin cells along with a combination of pollen, pet hair and dander, clothing fibers, insects, insect droppings, and dirt.

Do the laundry - dirty laundry is a breeding ground for bacteria. Don't leave clothes in the dirty hamper for days on end. It's not just your clothes and towels you need to wash. Make sure you're washing your sheets at least once a week.... or after every guest if you work at a spa. =)

Wash your floor - the floor is a catch all for everything from dust to trash and food. Try to wash or vacuum floors at least weekly.

Add fresh scents - Along with a plethora of oil diffusors, candles, smudge sticks, and plants, the frequent use of massage oil and lotion made with essential oils is a major contributor to the "Spa Smell". Once things are clean and the bad odors eliminated, all of these good scents fill the air and can mingle and move about the space with greater impact.

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