Wellness Challenge: Home

Written by Alexia

Camp Pebble Wellness Challenge: Home
Home detail

The first challenge is Home: declutter, clean, and decorate three rooms in your house. I don’t live in a traditional style home... I live in one big room with an attached bathroom/ laundry-room. I live in a yurt! Instead of walls and doors that separate rooms in most people's homes, we have pie pieces, clearly defined spaces that designate the “bedroom”, the “living room”, the “kitchen” and so on. Despite that major difference, the task at hand is really the same. The three rooms I chose were: the bedroom, the study, and the entryway. Here are my top three takeaways and tips from the experience!

Don’t underestimate the power of dusting

Dust and spider webs everywhere! Something you might not even notice until you take a closer look. For us, the open wood beams on the ceiling and the lattice woodwork are beautiful design touches, but also the perfect place for spiders to make homes and dust to settle. It might not be that noticeable in a picture, but oh my, does it make a world of difference in the overall feel of the space after clearing all that out.

Seasonal changes bring joy and freshness.

The "study" after the Camp Pebble Wellness Challenge: Home

Our home is small and most of the things we have around are sentimental. It doesn’t take much for those sentimental items to collect and overwhelm a space. Maybe it was the Christmas season bringing back nostalgia, memories of decorating my house for the holidays when I was a kid. Last month, it dawned on me that I can keep that same sense of excitement going throughout the year by rotating sentimental items and adding some seasonal design touches. By rotating items and changing your home to flow with the seasons, you can help keep your space looking fresh and fun while still displaying all your favorite things. I'm already looking forward to putting away my winter items and dreaming about new spring decorating ideas.

Two steps forward, two steps back

Cleaning can feel like a daunting task with kids, pets, spouses and life has a way of throwing things at you when you’re in the middle of a task. Doing something small every day, even if it means it takes you two weeks to finish dusting, even when the dust seems to be falling back on the things you’ve already cleaned. Do it anyway! You will notice a difference. Don’t be hard on yourself for the things you didn’t get to, or finish. There is always tomorrow, always another chance. Make small changes in your home to make it easier to keep tidy like, putting a basket by the door for gloves, mittens, hats, etc.

I originally thought of cleaning and organizing the bathroom, but soon realized that involved a lot of work on my husband’s part… And he didn’t sign up for the challenge! Halfway through the month I decided to just work on the entry-way as a starting point instead. It turned out to be a great “room” to clean and add decoration to. I think maybe I’ve even inspired Alvin to work on finishing his projects around the house!

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