Ground~Connect~Uplift Challenge

Ground~Connect~Uplift Challenge

In this 3-month challenge we will send you a spa box filled with goodies and instructions for how to use the items in the box. We’ll include easy tasks in each focus area for you to go at your own pace. You will receive the boxes roughly 30 days apart. 


Month 1: Ground

This month’s box will help you focus on grounding and connecting with the earth. Grounding exercises can help lower stress and boost your mood. 


Month 2: Connect

This month’s box will help you focus on connecting with yourself, your close community, and beyond. Studies continue to show the importance of relationships in longevity of life. 


Month 3: Uplift

This month’s box will help lift your spirits! You will focus on relaxation, positivity, and gratitude. *This month you will also receive the “Spreading Joy Gift Box” to give out to others.




*All boxes come with a variety of scents