Six Months to a New You

You will be given three tasks in each monthly challenge. You will receive tons of pointers, tips and fun facts along the way.
Complete the challenge and receive an Award Box filled with goodness each month!

Home Challege Logo.jpg


Clear the clutter and bring peace to your surroundings!  Create a space that is relaxing and welcoming. Award Box: goodies for your home.

Peace Challege Logo.jpg


Quiet your mind, find clarity and focus on the joy that comes from the little moments in life.  Award Box: goodies to help bring you continued peace and harmony at home.

Self Love Challenge Logo.jpg


Love yourself. Celebrate the things that bring you joy, make you strong and lead you to your extraordinariness.  Award Box: goodies to pamper yourself.

Gratitide Challenge Logo.jpg


Recognize all that you have to be grateful for. Extend that gratitude to ourselves and to others.  Award Box: goodies to share.

Health Challenge Logo.jpg


Our health encompasses our vitality and energy.  We need to feel good to do good. Award Box: goodies to help heal and energize your mind, body, and spirit.

Movement Challenge Logo.jpg


Move your body! Looking at how you move and how much time you move each day can be life-altering!  Award Box: goodies to get you moving and grooving!