As a student of the Camp Pebble Wellness Institute, you will be immersed in a state of the art and cozy environment. Classes take place in an adjacent building to our famous day spa. All books and learning materials are up to date and have been heavily researched to provide you with the most comprehensible and professional learning outcome. Our instructors will use the best tools and equipment for fostering your learning and massage experience. Student clinics take place within our spa facilities letting you experience a true working environment.

Massage Practitioner Certificate logistics
650 clocked hours - 6 month student commitment

Our training is offered through a combination of online and in-person training.  We schedule our course so that students can progress through the program in the shortest amount of time while being fully immersed in training.


This opportunity allows students to maintain normalcy while covering a portion of their studies online, part time, before traveling to our on site training facility. This may allow for students to maintain employment while covering material through our online curriculum. Our online program is covered in a period of 3 months. The remainder of our program will be covered through in-person/hands on training at our school location.

Students are required to join us for 3 months of hands-on daytime training, Monday through Friday. Most courses require out of class study time spent on reading, homework, projects, and technique practice. 

We offer an additional 100 hour paid externship at any of our three spa locations as a means for students to immerse themselves in the massage field upon graduation and provide immediate access into the massage industry. This is not mandatory.

The Pebble Spa Co.
229 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN 55731

Additional clinic locations include:

The Pebble Spa Co.
395 S. Lake Ave. | Suite #2
Duluth, MN 55802    

The Pebble Spa Co.
1422 South 12th Ave. | Uptown Virginia
Virginia, MN 55792


Camp Pebble Wellness Institute is owned and
operated by the Pebble Spa Co.