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Amanda the Adventurer: A Horror Game Inspired by 90s CGI Animation

Amanda is the titular character and the main antagonist in the indie-horror game Amanda the Adventurer. She stars as the host of her own TV show, taking the audience and her companion Wooly along on everyday adventures.

Amanda the Adventurer is a horror game that is played mostly through interacting with puzzles and watching VHS tapes. Players watch episodes of a kid's show called Amanda the Adventurer recorded on VHS tapes, featuring two characters. The first is a little girl named Amanda, and the second is her sheepy companion named Wooly. As the game progresses and players see more tapes, Amanda becomes more and more unhinged. She puts Wooly in scary or dangerous situations and even might murder him in one of the tapes.

amanda the adventurer game

As players watch each of the successively more and more disturbing videos in this indie game, it's pretty plain that Wooly is in danger. Amanda threatens him, injures him on purpose, and asks him to answer questions about dead bodies and rotting animals. In one of the tapes, Wooly is alone at first, and he tries to ask the main character for help. It's pretty obvious that something terrifying is going on inside the set of Amanda.

Finally, in one of the videos, players see Amanda getting ready to perform surgery on Wooly's head. She knocks him out and asks what instruments she should use to cut his head open. Wooly starts to wake up a little from the drugs she fed him, and Amanda asks for help holding her victim down. At this point, players can choose to help Amanda do brain surgery or help out Wooly by clicking on one of the two characters in this short horror indie game.

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If the player clicks on Amanda in this psychological thriller, she knocks Wooly over the head, and he collapses. Either way, it looks like Amanda's sheep cohost is not going to make it through to the end of the game, no matter what players do. Wooly seems to have died, but this does give players a chance to attempt to figure out what has happened to Amanda, what their Aunt wanted them to see, and maybe even see some secrets reveals.

Mina has been devoted to playing video games for more than 30 years. She loves Magic: the Gathering, writing, reading, cats, board games, long walks, her PS5, and her local LGS. She lives in Richmond, VA, USA with her husband and fur-child Kaalia.

She is presented to be the protagonist of a children's program named after her who is usually accompanied by her timid anthropomorphic sidekick, Wooly the Sheep. Wooly seems aware of her true nature and tries to warn Riley Park while making sure Amanda doesn't notice. As the player gets further into the game, Amanda appears to be an eldritch horror that has control over the show, though parts of the game also seem to suggest that she may not be as in control as it seems, appearing to also have the conscience of her voice actress and daughter of the show's creator, Rebecca Colton. Because of this and the fact that Rebecca was made to recite the names of demons by Hameln Entertainment, Amanda is suggested to be a gestalt entity consisting of Rebecca's tortured soul and the mysterious demon that now seemingly possesses her.

Throughout most of the game, Amanda is shown to be a heartless psychopath that takes glee in killing people and animals, and regularly abuses her "friend" Wooly. In one of the endings of the game, she is excited at the thought of choosing between various surgical tools she could use to torture Wooly with, and gleefully explains what she intends to do with them. Amanda also appears to be very irritable, and will insist that the player makes them choose what she wants them to, using her ability to control the show to block off certain choices. She will even go as far as kill viewers of her show at the slightest provocation.

However, some events and the choices the player makes in the game, implied to be reminiscent of traumas that Rebecca herself had faced, seem to make Amanda behave differently than usual. For example, in an altered version of the game's second secret tape, the tape seemingly provokes Amanda to go to the butcher shop, where she will constantly tell the audience she doesn't want to go, and get progressively adamant of it, asking why she can't "stop it". In another instance, in the Petting Zoo tape, Amanda will meet up on a stray kitten and will ask the player to help take care of it. If they keep denying the request, Amanda gets progressively sadder, to the point where she cries in Rebecca's voice and her own voice concurrently.

Prior to the game's events, Rebecca was an orphaned child who was adopted by a man named Sam Colton. Sam also elaborates that prior to the adoption, she had "went through a lot", implying she had lived a miserable life before. Following the adoption, Sam was inspired to create Amanda the Adventurer, citing Rebecca's kindness and optimistic outlook on the world, and her joys in exploring it, as the primary inspirations for Amanda's character.

sadly there is no Mac version or mobile version of this version and the latest new version as well. It will take a while for the games to development and get it to work on other and they someone who has a platform to test the game out from the other platforms as well.

After the fourth update, jpgamedesign announced they partnered with DreadXP to make a proper full release of the game in 2023. The full version of the game was released on Steam on April 25th of that year.

Said full game has a bit more backstory to it: you play as Riley Park, exploring the house of their deceased Aunt Kate after inheriting it. Riley discovers a set of VHS tapes in the attic of an old 2000's show called Amanda the Adventurer, starring a brave little girl named Amanda and her trusty if shy friend Wooly. As Riley continues watching, they realize there are darker things lurking under Amanda's world, and are drawn to dive in further... whether they want to or not.

However, what really happened was that HaMelN kidnapped Rebecca and almost certainly killed her father. One in-game tape suggests she was being used as part of some kind of system, perhaps eventually integrated into an AI.

This new version of Power Drill Massacre will feature new areas, expanded gameplay, AI tweaks and more quality of life improvements. There will also be new playable characters, multiple endings, and new camera angles for maximum terror.

The way this was handled was a double-edged sword for me. I love games with multiple endings, with ample secrets and lore hidden in nooks and crannies. But it would have felt better if one of the later endings offered some closure while hinting at a bigger picture. That way, getting all the lore tapes would have been an accomplishment rather than an obligation.

Amanda the Adventurer, developed by MANGLEDmaw Games, is a first-person horror game which uses VHS tapes, 90s animation and a series of puzzles to tell the story of a local TV show linked to the disappearances of several children.

I immediately fell for the premise of Amanda the Adventurer. I was constantly scouring the videos for hints that could help me unlock secrets in the attic and the game cleverly lets you interact with several things that will be relevant for puzzles later on meaning you never quite know what to expect. This is a game I would recommend keeping a piece of paper handy for, especially towards the later puzzles.

I would recommend Amanda the Adventurer to anyone looking for a new horror game to try, especially if you have any nostalgia for the cartoon kids show style. Amanda the Adventurer is a joy to play and a really fun, short horror experience.

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Hey everyone it's been a while since I've posted something like this in a while but I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate the finds! So far after a few hours of just exploring and trying to find as much as I could, here is everything I could find in the game so far so let me know what you think!

The new horror game Amanda the Adventurer, with a limited-time discount, has been released on Steam by game developer DreadXP. Developed by MANGLEDmaw Games, the game is set in the found footage style of horror, harkening back to the era of television edutainment, albeit with a sinister twist.

Wooly the Sheep (also known as Wooly), is the deuteragonist of the game jam video game Amanda the Adventurer. He is the sidekick of the title character, who tries to warn the viewer that she is actually a monster capable of entering the real world and in the later updated installments briefly demanded the viewer to stop watching the tapes and burn the tapes, before being attacked by Amanda.

The primary goal in Amanda the Adventurer is to complete puzzles to get to the next Episode of the TV Show. The entire game takes place in an Attic and what we must tell you is that many of your surrounding items will shift and change around you. Do not worry, this is purposeful for the Tape you have inserted into the TV. If you are playing this game without any clues or going in blind and are looking for a bit of guidance on how to complete Amanda the Adventurer, we have you covered. This guide will address how to get started in your investigation of the Amanda the Adventurer TV Show.

If you are simply trying to get more Tapes, you do not need to pay attention to the specific dialogue lines of Amanda and Wooly, instead you should refer to the background for key pieces of information that will be useful for the puzzles around the Attic. In every Tape, you will find at least one code/secret inside it, especially when you find the Alternate versions of the Tapes. Look at posters, building signs and anything that has numbers on it at the beginning of the game, these will be crucial to completing the Piano Puzzle and Clock Puzzle. If and when Amanda points out a specific detail that sounds more important than other parts of the dialogue, it most likely is. For example, when Amanda says that it is 3:45 when Wooly injures his knee, you need to make note of that time.


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